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Review of the grauvell azores lc420 continental 14ft Beach caster.

Taking a close look at this continental Beach caster .
This is my personal review of this continental rod and i take a close look at it and get out for some casting and fishing.
Ive been wanting to see what all the fuss about continental Sea fishing rods is all about and i put this rod through a few tests. Its great but with a small reservation

Fixed Spool
Penn Surfblaster 2 £79.99 (For the Continental rod)
Shimano exage x2 £49.99 (for braid spinning and float fishing from kayak )

Daiwa SL20sh x2 £69.99 (Beach ,Boat Rocks and everything
Abu Rocket £144.00 (The old version of this)
Cheap Kayak reel £25.00 (cheap but last well I have 4 of these beauts)
Salt Water fly fishing (all Plastic this lasted 3 seasons !

Continental Rod Vertix Azores
Multiplier rod (The old version of this Great rod for rock fishing )
Other Multiplier rods Daiwa HPB Beach.

Stuff i use in most rig making videos

Kamsan B940 1/0 Hooks Aberdeens
Size 10 swivels 100lb bs
Tronix mini crimps
Pliers from Korda
Amnesia 25lb line
weasel 50lb line
rig winders

My Camera Equipment to Produce these Videos:
Main Camera
Underwater camera
Audio Recorder
Editing software final cut x
sense for light box set at 1.5 feet

Business enquiries here;
I can edit your fishing video or Promotional film Please contact me for any advice.

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