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So as you see, I do pretty strange and dangerous things… I don’t recommend it but draining is really fun. Here is my small list of advice for those of you who wish to try and also a checklist of the gear and equipment I recommend for all of you.

1. Bring the necessary gear: backpack, flashlights, gloves, etc.
2. Try to always bring a friend. Its safer and is more fun to share the adventure.
3. Consider the risks of what your exploring, it is not a joke. It can be dangerous.
4. Be careful around any wild animals, they can attack.
5. Never explore during a rain storm… flash floods.
6. Bring extra batteries or flashlights. Trust me it sucks having the only flashlight burn out.
7. Always carry food and water… in case you get lost.
8. Always know where the drain entrance is in case you have multiple tunnels.
9. Use skateboards in smaller drains. Its faster and easier.
10. Don’t get caught.

●Flash Light(s)
●Back Pack
●Extra Batteries!

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