Tips For Beginners
SIMPLIFIED GUIDE SOLUTION! Ho to easily unlock fishing in RDR2.

1) Fishing Mission: John- Pouring Forth Oil – II and start III quest,
2) Complet Strausses mission line: Money Lending and Other Sins I & II
3) Dutch mission: A Quiet Time

Abigail Marston Mission: A fisher of Men

Legendary Map
Flat Iron Lake in Heartlands, look for a place called Gill’s Landing
– Meet Gill
– Get map from him.
– Report back to Gill

– Buy bait at any general store but selection is limited.
– Go to Lake Lagras in Bluewater Marsh, Bait Shop

Small Fish
Cheese = Lakes
Bread = rivers
Corn = Swamps

Medium Fish
Worms = Lakes
Crickets = Rivers
Crayfish = Swamps

Lake Lure
Rive Lure
Swamp Lure

Legendary Lures catch Medium/Large Fish
Lake Lure
River Lure
Swap Lure

Water Types and Lures
Lake Lure
River Lure
Swamps Lure

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