Fishing Techniques
A Video detailing the success I have had lure fishing from the east coast of Australia with lures. Most longtail (northern bluefin) tuna were caught spotting (sight-casting) from high ledges with polarised sunglasses helping to pick up these fish while migrating/travelling over sand. They were then washed up, tagged for the DPI and then released to swim off and hopefully be caught another day with the exception of the odd one been kept for the table due to bleeding from the gills or similar. All the fish in this video were caught over a 2 year period (2014/2015) with alot of commitment and hours put in including relocation to live for a few months at a time. Lure making is also hobbie of mine and the bigger metal lures used lightning fast to take hard hitting spanish mackeral in this video have been a great sucess on recent trips. The gear I use consists of – 9 foot custom rods, shimano overhead reels, 20-25lb mono line with braid backing to help increase reel capacity, 40-60lb leader,single strand wire when chasing mackeral, vmc trebles, 1-2oz jig heads and various soft plastics. Be safe on the rocks and take your rubbish with back with you! Thanks.

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