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After over 400,000 views to our original “How To Tie The FG Knot The Quickest Way Tutorial” video, we have received countless messages and comments telling us that the FG Knot is definitely the strongest braid to leader fishing knot out there.

Note: If you never saw the original video or the knot contest we did, click here to see that:

Fastest Way To Tie The Amazing FG Knot [Free PDF Guide Included]

But we also received a handful of questions and concerns about the FG Knot after many anglers starting using it for their first time.

The main “negative” comment on the FG Knot was that it took too long to tie. But even though Luke did take 5 minutes to tie it on the FG tutorial (because he was going super slow to show all of the steps), we do it so much quicker in real life.

So we decided to put our money where our mouth is and have Luke tie the FG Knot as quick as he could (while under the pressure of a camera on him).

Note: When the camera wasn’t rolling, he did the FG Knot in about 48 seconds.

Check out how he ties this super strong braid to leader knot in under a minute.

Finally, if you know of any braid to leader knots that are stronger or outperforming the FG Knot, please let us know in the comments so we can do some knot strength contests on them.

For more on the strongest fishing knots, check out our fishing knot section on Salt Strong here:


And for more fishing awesomeness, the most interactive free online saltwater fishing tournament, and HOME of the Strongest fishing gear for Strong anglers, check out:


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