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After consuming way too much food on Thanksgiving, a mandatory combat nap was used before loading the truck for a modest 5am departure. The late flight was all I dared commit to after being immobilized by turkey and ham. Black Friday was spent far away from any shopping center, in fact, Devils Lake appeared the same as always, no lines at the bait shop, gas station or liquor store, optimal.

Early ice is the basically the only time I fish walleye during the winter, this year it crept up quickly. I rolled west with a minimalist “Commando Setup”, the plan was to grow roots in one spot, fish mornings and evenings, and attempt to be productive during the daytime exploring White Claw flavors.

My drive to drive distance is fueled by Monster energy and my addiction to Devils Lake for the shallow water bite. Shopping for shallow water walleyes using the Garmin Panoptix is quite effective for catching, not so effective for saving money as I now have to…..have. I’ve worked enough jobs in my lifetime to know certain tools all have their place on a job site. To place yourself in a mindset that a single tool is sufficient for any job is crazy, and a mistake, also to lock oneself into a brand and limit your tool box is just plain insane. If this is the case, do yourself a favor, don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, fish with a Garmin Panoptix.

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