Deep Ocean: Series 1
Once you pass 1,000 meters, the water is completely devoid of light, and you have reached the deep ocean. Down here, temperatures plummet to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and constantly stay near freezing. The pressures at these depths range from about 40 to over 110 times the pressure of Earth’s atmosphere. We know more about outer space than the ocean floor. Want to learn more about the ocean? Start with this mind-blowing series! , narrated by … David Attenborough

NHK – Deep Ocean: Series 1 (2016)Part 1: The Lost World Of The Pacific
The same submarine which successfully captured the world’s first moving images of a giant squid in its natural habitat is used for exploring the deep sea cliffs off the coast of New Guinea. The team encounters true living fossil species one after another. Join this exciting deep sea adventure!

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