Hook Knots
There are two easy to tie knots that I use for attaching a swivel to braided fishing line. These both work for tying on lures and hooks as well. This tutorial is more for the beginner than the intermediate or expert angler.

When I first started fishing with braid I almost always tied a mono or fluorocarbon leader directly to the main line and there was really no need for a swivel. Not long ago though I started fishing for bottom fish periodically at the river pier where I caught several large Longnose Gar. I remember one night trying to attach the swivel to the braid with a standard and improved clinch knot, both slipped and wouldn’t hold. When I tried doubling over the line of the clinch knot it locked into place just fine.

When I got home that night I did a Google search for “how to tie a swivel to braided fishing line” and discovered that most people use a Palomar knot.

When I am fishing with my baitcasting reel and rod combo in freshwater which is spooled with twenty pound test braid I will often use it for what is called punching. In order to use this particular method of catching Largemouth Bass the weedless hook gets tied directly to the braided fishing line. Here again I use the Palomar or doubled over Clinch Knot to attach the hook.

I know that I’m not the only experienced angler out there how really hasn’t been fishing with this type of fishing line very long and needs to learn these knots. You can call me old school if you’d like. For most of my life I’ve fished with monofilament. In a sense I’m a beginner to fishing with braided fishing line though. I still catch the heck out of fish, but am continuing to learn how to work with this approach to attaching lures, swivels or hooks to the main braid fishing line.

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